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:) My last few tunes to be posted.

2008-06-03 23:04:40 by SEAC99

Well kids, I'm outta here. I got 4 songs I'll post before I leave, all done in reason. These were done in 2007/early 2008, nothing like my newest tunes. I am now signed by Andy Tau to Future State Records, with my new track Clayborn. You can check it out at my myspace.

Teen Advisory (original mix) : its more of a tech trance song.

Depth Perception (original mix) : progressive trance.

Ice Forest (orginal mix) : also progressive trance song. I'm mixing it up with some break beat in there also.

Dismantled Temple (original mix) : my instrument sound was starting to ripen in this tune. This was the one I made before Clayborn. Clayborn is 30 xs better.